I have an interest in records, the crackling sound when the needle touches the vinyl is so satisfying and adding to your vinyl collection filled with finds of your favourite albums and singles becomes a hobby.

My record player is a Crosley baby blue suitcase turntable.

Some of my albums.

My singles- Magical Mystery tour (Beatles) is one of my favourite albums. 

Thanks for reading this week's post. 

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite albums are. 

India x 


Currently Creating


Assessment is over (yay) and the holidays start in only a week, so I've started creating again. I have been experimenting with a lot of watercolour and sewing projects, as well as paper crafts and drawing. Today i'm going to share with you some projects that i've had fun making recently.

I have had a love for hand sewing since I was in primary school, when i would constantly sew up little soft toys, pouches, brooches and anything I could create with some colourful felt and thread. Recently I have gotten back into this craft, by making some fruit brooches.

I love reading, but usually I just use a receipt, or a scrap piece of paper as a bookmark- unattractive but does the trick. I have been making heaps of these bookmarks with thick paper, stamps and watercolour patterns, before sealing under the laminator. They make great gifts to teachers and loved ones, they are cheap, and they are a pretty way to mark your spot in your favourite novel.

I love to store my possessions in little pouches and purses, and I love the pleasure in carrying around handmade objects, so i've been sewing away at my sewing machine, and after a few late nights hunched over at my machine and a few youtube videos, I have mastered the machine-sewed pouch, perfect for storing your favourite little things, or to give to your loved ones to store their's.

And to top off this post full of creations and gift ideas, these handmade cards that I have been designing and painting, make the perfect card to add to a christmas present. ( and making your own cards is way cheaper + adds a personal touch to a gift.)

Thanks for reading, comment below what you have been creating recently.

India X x




Lately i've been doing some super fun things, and working on some exciting projects. 

My friend Rosanna got me this lovely terrarium for my birthday.

Having a swim with my rainbow pool float.

Skincare purchases, I love Mecca Maxima. 

I've been sewing heaps of these purses lately, I love the floral material.

I've also been making lots of cards recently, I love to use watercolour and fineliner pens. 

Thanks for reading this week's post, comment below what you've been doing lately. 

India X x 


My Birthday


Last Monday it was my Birthday, here are some photos of my presents and my party. I'm super grateful for all the gifts I got and I thought I'd share some photos if you were curious, (not trying to brag!) 


I had such a great time at my party. Ten of my close friends came over and we had a picnic in the backyard. We spent the day before constructing buntings, pom pom garlands, flags, honeycombs, sticking up polaroids and decorating every wall and tree of my downstairs area. I had fun making honey cookies and placing donuts vertically on the pegs of my pegboard creating a 'donut wall', we made mini quiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, filled bowls with lollies and made punch for the drink dispenser. We chatted, laughed, took polaroids against the polaroid wall, listened to music, wrote wishes for each other in a wish jar and had a good time. 

Thanks for reading this week's post, I hope you enjoyed it. Comment below what your ultimate birthday gift would be. 

India X x 


6 Things


I have been having a great week, seeing friends, having bike rides and picnics by the pool,  going to cool cafes, listening to quality music and reading good books. Also, next week is my birthday so that will be fun as well. 

Here are 6 things that i have been doing, been reading, been using and been wearing. 


On the weekend, I went to Nodo, a cute little cafe in Newstead, that sells Gluten free donuts and other delicious meals and drinks. I got a white chocolate and raspberry donut and a delicious waffle with nice cream, honeycomb and banana on top yummm.

On the weekend, I also got this HRVST st orange juice which was so delicious. 

When the latest Frankie came in the mail, I had to take a photo because I love the cover of this one.

I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo and the "Marrakech" bottle and scent is so nice. Plus, this product isn't tested on animals which is super important.

This is my ideal outfit for a casual Spring's day, a simple t-shirt, sneakers, round sunnies and my Glassons denim skirt or H&M girlfriend jeans. Cute, but very casual.

I  love these navy Superga sneakers, they go with shorts, skirts, jeans and are an essential for a Spring/ Summer wardrobe.

Thanks for reading! What are 6 things you are loving recently? Comment below.

India X x 


Good Day, Sunshine


Here are some photos from when I was adventuring Currumbin Alley with my Fjallraven and my camera on a beautiful day. 

I love how these photos turned out.


Sweater - Country road

Shorts- Glassons

Bag- Fjallraven Kanken 

Thanks for reading this week's post, hope you have had a lovely Sunday. Where's your favourite place to go to the beach?

India X x 


Rachel Castle's studio


I'm super happy to have a family friend that is friends with one of my favourite designer's, Rachel Castle. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to have a peek into Rachel's studio, have a chat with her and take some photos. It was really interesting to see an artist's workspace and even have a look at some of her new products in the flesh. Sadly, you can't bug her at her studio as she doesn't have it open to the public as she's super busy working on new things.

As for Rachel herself, she is fun and friendly just like her artwork.

Every inch of Rachel's workspace is an inspiration.

Mood boards cover all of the walls, such wonderful colour and inspiration.

Wonderful gallery walls.


Rachel creates wonderful pieces of art, using paint, embroidery and screen printing. One day I will buy a painting but for now I have lots of cute and affordable pieces via her website, go check it out here.

Thanks so much for having me Rachel, you, your work and your studio were a great inspiration. 

Thanks for reading this week's post. If you don't know Rachel's work go check her out. 

India X x 




Last Monday I flew down to Sydney to see the new Beatles film, visit my friend Ella and go to the wonderful exhibitions at the Gallery of New South Wales - the Frida Kahlo exhibition and the Archibald Prize. I had a great time. Here are some photos of our trip.

Here are some of the photos we took of the Frida Kahlo paintings, it was an amazing exhibition featuring some of my favourite paintings of hers and screens positioned on a glass wall that displayed home videos of Frida and her husband Diego. Another interesting aspect of the exhibition was that there were timelines and quotes written along the walls, one of my favourite quotes was " I paint flowers so that they will not die" - Frida Kahlo. 



After visiting the exhibition, we had a walk through the Botanic Gardens, and took some polaroids.

While I was in Sydney, I enjoyed snapping photos of the beautiful streets of Newtown.

Thanks for reading this week's post!

I had such a great time in Sydney what are you doing for the holidays ? 

India X x