Roomspiration- what's on my desk

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

This week I am back with another, Roomspiration post !!

Some of my most liked, and my most asked about photos on instagram are what's on my desk, so in this Roomspiration post, I will show you how to style your desk !

Some photos of my desk, over different periods of time. 

Finding cute magnets from places like Typo and Kikki K, are great, I love using magnets as I like to swap my art prints and drawings around regularly . I also have a magnetic peg from Typo, where I like to store my outgoing penpal letters and art prints ! 

Cute mugs create a great storage option and decoration for your desk. There are great mugs sold at the likes of Kmart, Kikki K, Typo and Freedom . I love having my poscas in mugs as it means I can easily transport them around the house with me when I am doing arty things.

I love to personalise my desk space with current artworks created by me or friends, Polaroid pictures and cute prints,  all add a personal look to your desk . I like to change around my prints, whenever I create a new artwork . 

Here is a collage I put together of some adorable desk essentials . 

Desk - my desk ( pictured above ) is the Micke desk from Ikea . I love this desk as it has plenty of storage, looks great and has a fantastic magnetic style pinboard. 

Sonny Angels - Sonny Angels are cute, and are a colourful addition to your desk, you can buy them from My Messy Room. 

Llama beaker - I think  storing pens and paintbrushes in a cute beaker or mug, is a must for a stylish desk . 

Canisters - I own a few canisters that you can switch around and store items on your desk ! I love these simple yet cute , canisters from Jumbled Online . 

Art prints - art prints are a must  for your desk or pinboard. They can be swapped around throughout seasons and are super inspirational . I chose these three from My Messy Room .

Washi tape - washi tape is a cute and crafty decoration to hang art prints, or photos to your desk, I may have a little obsession with it... I love displaying my washi tapes in my dispenser, or storing them in a cute canister. Displayed out they can colour coordinate with the other items on your  desk. The washi I use, is from The Rabbit and the Duck. 

Lamp- your desk needs a lamp, you need to see your homework and for all of those late night crafting sessions ahead, so go grab yourself this super cute simplistic white lamp from Kmart . It's a bargain too. 

Succulent in a pot- succulents in cute pots, are also a great decoration for your desk. Succulents are low maintenance and making a DIY pot for your plant pal, is a super fun activity with a great result . 

Thank you for reading this week's post, and I hope it inspired you to create a desk area which is fun and inspirational, making it a lovely place for you to create art and do homework . 

What are your desk essentials ? 

India X x